Model Infos

Here some answers to the FAQs:
How long does a casting take?
Not too long. It depends a lot on the body part casted and on the technique used. Generally speaking no model
needs to hold the pose longer than 20 mins (mostly less than that). 
Pretty much all my models are back out after 1 hr - including a nice refreshing shower after the casting.
Do I have to stand still?
Yes and no :-) Not moving is integral to make sure that the cast does not get twisted, broken or somehow
displaced. However minor movements are not a problem. For standing up poses models can lean against
something and lying down poses are usually that easy that the model could easily stay there for 1 hr or longer
without any problems
How does the casting process work?
Depends. I use 2 different techniques depending on body part and amount of detail wanted.
Both techniques have in common that a negative mould is made which is later on filled to get the "positive"
sculpture out of it.
One technique consists of only one layer casting material which is plaster impregnated bandage. This gives
a fair amount of detail and a good reproduction of the overall shape. This technique is less detailed than the
other but also a lot faster.
The second technique is based on a 2 layer shell. The first layer is made with some impression material that gives
incredibly fine detail, the second one is like the one above which just acts as a supportive shell in this case.
Is it dangerous?
No. The materials used all come from the medical sector and are hence skin friendly and non toxic.
Do I need to shave?
Maybe. Depends - normal body hair is not a problem (for females at least), strong body hair, pubes or beards 
need to be removed if that section of the body is casted.
Will I remain anomnyous?
Yes! Clearly - yes! Unless you ask to be named as model your identity will not be disclosed to anyone!
I am feeling uneasy about coming alone - can I bring a friend?
Yes, please! I always ask my models to bring a friend/partner/relative... it makes them a lot more relaxed and
this shows up in the casts - and makes them look so much better! So feel free to bring someone round with you.
What is the minimum/maximum age?
There is no maximum age. The minimum age is 18 for everything that involves nudity. Hand and face casts can be
done with people of all ages but underage models need to be accompied by a parent.
My question is not answered!
No problem - Drop me an email - I am happy to answer all your questions